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peugeot 208 gearbox oil change 6 e-HDI (New Project) Insurance renewal month: January. Contact an authorised Peugeot technician. 6 THP 208 5GR (2015-2018)? Complete professional advice, including motor oil, gearbox oil (transaxle) and lubricants for the power steering system, brake system and cooling system. As Madam's Car approached the48k mark we decided to change the oil in the ECG Gearbox, which is as we know a 6 Speed Manual with an Automated Clutch so the procedure is the same for both. Here’s a non exhaustive list of what’s covered; Peugeot 208 service manual for roadside repairs. 09. At Autobutler we calculated the average price of a regular oil change for your Peugeot. No choice available on this group. 208 Configurator. Engine oil level indicator. Peugeot 208 T16 (116) A10 Engine assembly (1) Peugeot Oil Filler Cap. All of our Peugeot gearboxes are precision engineered to the original factory specification using the highest quality parts. A bad sensor can be diagnosed by measuring its resistance and watching for a change as the engine warms up. To avoid potential damage to engine components, it is advisable that you stop as soon as it is safe to do so and turn off the engine. Inside the driver-side doorjamb. 21. Peugeot 208 owners manual covering weekly checks. 03/10/2019 03/10/2019; Car wont start or turn over, had misfire esp and eml light 02/10/2019 02/10/2019 Best oil is BV75/80 oil as this is original fill. Best oil is BV75/80 oil as this is original fill. 99 + VAT). 2. Please create a job if you would like detailed quotes for your car. How to remove gearbox peugeot - Answered by a verified Peugeot Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. For everybody else, who has the models that were produced up to 2010 or a GTi/RC , the only reasonable solution is to upgrade the 5th gear set in the stock gearbox. EP6-DT is THP150, installed on the Peugeot 207 and Peugeot 308, produced up to 2011. Change oil and oil filter (special oils if required £24. Peugeot 206 hatchback - Automatic gearbox problem - ferkemall : Assuming the gear box is an AL4 it is going into limp home mode. 2VTi engine by rebuilding it. If that doesn't change the sound, then this is probably going to be a faulty aircon compressor. 0i VTi ZMZ: Transaxle, manual: 1,85-2,15 L: Lifelong use: Original oil: 208 1. Q: I changed the gearbox and I was told 7 litres of oil will not be enough My car has an automatic transmission. Tips on preventative measures following replacement of the turbo? The key to avoiding future turbo related problems is frequent oil changes. Gearbox specialist for 3 years before moving onto work at a number of different . Parts Set, maintenance service. Price of Peugeot oil in Australia is $400 for 5 litres. 6 e-HDI (New Project) Gear Oils PSA B71 2330 API GL-4 level gear oils with SAE 75W80 viscosity. DP0 (AL4) Repair manual. The red STOP light for the Peugeot 208 is associated with the engine oil pressure or the engine coolant temperature. Avg. Peugeot 208 service PDF's covering routine maintenance and servicing. 22 £ 11. 0L I6. 1 UK online retailer of Oil pressure switch for your PEUGEOT 208 I Hatchback (CA_, CC_) 1. When do I have to change the motor oil of my 208? 4L60E (700R4) Rebuild Manual. P. The reason this causes poor cold gear changes is thus: when the gearbox oil is cold, the increased viscosity of the oil, combined with the worn frictional surfaces of the synchromesh will prevent the generation of enough frictional force for the syncro's to do their job; that is to match the speed of the input and output shafts (which then . Rifter. Check out the ClickMechanic price for a Peugeot Gearbox Oil change. 4 & 1. PSA 9730 A8 Special gear oil for the C550 transmissions used in Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107. 00 out of 5 £ 12. Items and tools required for oil and oil filter change. After removing the resonator lift up the flexible hose to locate where the oil filter housing is. 4L60E (700R4) Rebuild Manual. With a manual gearbox, move off gently and change up promptly. Engines consume oil en masse (especially . 2) Turbo Failure (due to oil starvation as the oil feed lines clog up with congealed oil). Name. TAILLE. Oil drain plug needs 8mm allen key (not shown). Water in gearbox oil can attack the steel surface of each gear, which can ultimately lead to pitting and abnormal wear. How much trunk (boot) space, 2012 Peugeot 208 Hatchback? 285 - 1076 l 10. Search in Peugeot 208 2013 Owner's Manual online. SALE. 208. EP6-CDT is THP156. Apply Reset. Part you need. PSA B71 2315 API GL-4 level, SAE 75W80 viscosity gear oil made of API Group III base oils. Oil quality : ESSO 75W80 EZL 848 or TOTAL 75W80 H 6965 - best bought from a Peugeot dealer Oil level check : No checking of oil level (*) Lubrication interval : Lubricated for life - I really worry when I read this! N. How to get the rid of the excessive oil consumption of the Peugeot 1. Peugeot say the gearbox had the wrong oil, and was low on oil, which they . 3. 2 VTi PureTech Engine Rebuild. 00 - €34,140. Hydraulic Filter Set, automatic transmission. Q: My Peugeot 208 drives left under 30mph and straight anything over 30. There is no way to check level on later models, as the oil is for life. Insurance renewal month: January. 5R55S/5R55W/N Repair manual. 00 out of 5 Thank you for choosing a Peugeot 208 or a Peugeot e-208. Difficulty level. It would be OK but try not to do it less often. Min - max. Peugeot 208 T16 (116) A10 Engine assembly (1) Thank you for choosing a Peugeot 208 or a Peugeot e-208. Peugeot 308 (2007 - 2013) - prescribed engine oil quantities and service intervals. 00. (engine oil . The little Peugeot hasn't had any shape issues since 207 (okay, the intermediate 208 didn't really stand out), and the 17 is certainly no exception. About 30. PEUGEOT offers a large range of replacement parts for your PEUGEOT . Peugeot 208 useful guides. So an advice for all GTi owners, change your gearbox soon. We use industry standard data & millions of data points so you know what you should be paying. Oil change interval. New 3008. Try filling up your oil levels first. €15. The box has a sensor that tells the ECU when the oil needs changing. Hello. The gearbox is refilled via the air vent . carry out the running repairs that do not require a technician. Peugeot 207 2010 – Warning light saying ‘gearbox needs repair’. THE NEW PEUGEOT 208. Very common failing ECU fitted to the Peugeot 207 with the 1. Definitions of OBD 2 fault codes for PEUGEOT 208. 6 e-HDI Feline 2014, Suzuki RGV 250M 1989 (Money Pit), DS3 DSport 1. Model. Which oil is best for your Peugeot 208 CA, CC 208 GTi 1. 1-60 of 116. Compared to its daddy (EP6-DT), it has no water/oil heat exchanger on the engine block. price. This will be applicable to new models as well as some models under an extended warranty that requires scheduled servicing at a Peugeot service centre to maintain the validity of the cover. per page. Replacement of gearbox oil** Additional checks – Rear brake lining wear, valve clearance, power steering and hoses, wheel bearing, front and rear suspension, transmission shafts and more *AdBlue top ups will not be included in Service & Maintenance plans on any new PEUGEOT Euro 6 Diesel models that are fitted with an external AdBlue filling . I would recommend an engine oil flush and oil change a couple of times in succession to begin with. Peugeot 208 on 21. Add to basket. Peugeot service intervals may be influenced by a number of factors too, including driving behaviours and trends. ft. In the following overview, you will find the most common problems for the Peugeot 208, for which Peugeot has announced a recall through the EU Rapex system. This month, REPXPERT’s Alistair Mason replaced the clutch in a Peugeot 5008 Semi- Automatic 1. Top-up oil level. U660E/U760E Repair manual. Either way, the shape is nice (but not overly sporty) when (as a test) it gets extra XNUMX-inch wheels and a matte finish and it becomes something special. 2008. More recently; electric cars (and hybrids) are fully automatic in operation. The 2-Tronic Gearbox (also known as the Citroen "Sensodrive") is a conventional gearbox electrically operated via two special actuator units controlled by an electronic control unit. The 1. . There are a couple of things you need to know. OXYGEN (O2) SENSOR. Other common sources of gear tooth damage include corrosion and wear. DS5 & DS4 DSport 2. Peugeot EB2 - 1. Try looking up, directly above the tyre. Compare and book with Australia's largest network of mechanics. If there is any chattering or shuddering when using your Peugeot 208's gearbox, it is time for an excursion to the garage as the most useful time to solve problems is when you catch them early. 4L Petrol/Petroleum Gas (LPG) 70 kW 24 Month Warranty Free Shipping great selection View, print and download for free: recommended oil - Peugeot 208 2013 Owner's Manual, 332 Pages, PDF Size: 8. Using the engine oil finder will ensure you get the right spec oil for your car. Get quotes. We can understand why, because choosing the right car engine oil can be confusing. Use the recommended gearbox and differential lube but almost all manual transmission require 75W90 or 80W90 gear oil, which can be either mineral, semi-synthetic or synthetic like for engine oil. oil change peugeot. 1) Oil Pump Failure. 1. Fuel. Peugeot recommend a service for your car every 12 months or every 12,500 miles, which ever comes first. 51 lbs. We fill up through the breather on the top of the gearbox as there is no where else to top up. Peugeot and Citroen fixed that problemyears later, by switching over to a 6-speed gearbox in facelift THP156 models, where 5th and 6th gears are overdrive. Tools required for oil change: 27mm socket wrench head, socket wrench extension and tap wrench; Slotted screwdriver; Allen key Get quotes for your Oil Change Service from local . co. If your car covers in excess of 12,500 miles in a year, we also advise more regular servicing for your vehicle every 6000 miles. New 5008. You didn’t say. TOTAL TRANSMISSION 4X4 (Parts reference : 9730 A7) Constant variation gearbox CVT All countries Special oil (Parts reference : 9735 EF) Piloted manual gearbox DCT All countries Special oil (Parts reference : 9734 S2) Motor (CITROËN C-Zéro / PEUGEOT Ion) All countries Special oil (Parts reference : 9979 A7) HANDBOOK. What is the transmission fluid of your 208, and when should you change it? . 4 16V VTi (2007 - 2009) E. £ 78. Digital speedometer (mph or km/h) This can be switched off with a long press on B. 2. Posted: Sun 14 Jun, 2009 4:41 pm. We now offer a same day service on most models, meaning you can be back on the road as quickly as possible. 4. Peugeot 208 Maintenance Guides - Common Peugeot 208 Repair Questions Answered The Peugeot 208 is the perfect city car; fun to drive, a comfy ride and cost-effective. You can ask a question about this replacement on our online forum . 6. Used on both carbureted and fuel injected engines since 1981, the oxygen (O2) sensor is the key sensor in the fuel mixture feedback control loop. The Peugeot BA10/5 transmission is a five-speed, overdriven, light-duty, passenger car transmission used by AMC Jeep from 1987 until mid-1989 in the YJ Wrangler, XJ Cherokee and MJ Commanche with the AMC 258 & 4. 6 THP series of units turns out to be extremely underdeveloped structurally. Video done with Quik v. The oil level should be between the upper and lower level marks. The change in gearbox attitude was immediate, but it still grabbed a little bit, so i ran it around for a few days. Open the door, and look near the spot where the door latches, not too far from the seatbelt return. A500/40RH/42RH/42RE Repair manual. £ 64 - £ 96. 46 lbs. ZF 6HP19/21 Repair manual. Maximum price £ 40,65. First, there isn't a recognised filler plug or level plug. Aircon Compressor. Peugeot gearbox prices start from just £300 +VAT Unlimited mileage warranty for 12 months. Price €5,370. We can service all Peugeot makes and models. Rev counter (x 1 000 rpm or tr/min), graduation according to engine (petrol or Diesel). These estimates may include Manual transmission oil. 6 THP VTI Prince Engine Problems And Reliability. Your PEUGEOT - 208 servicing at Servicing Stop caters for . We can even collect your Peugeot vehicle from anywhere in the UK, rebuild the gearbox and return your Peugeot to your door. NEW 208 SPEC SHEET PRICE LIST. Peugeot 208 (2012-2016) Peugeot 2008 (2013-2015) Peugeot 308 (2007-2016) Peugeot 3008 (from 2010) Peugeot 508 (from 2011) Peugeot 5008 (from 2009) Peugeot RCZ (2010-2016) 1. I recently did this (ELF BV 75W-80 2. However you can do it more often. Some problems will only occur after many years of operation, others are related to technical solutions and forced the manufacturer to issue a recall. Rated 5. 2 liters of fluid if it is dry. It only takes about 10-15 mins anyway. Gear shift indicator for a manual gearbox or gear lever position and gear for an electronic or automatic gearbox. info is the largest online database of car user manuals. . 4 MB. All its versions are equipped with a narrowband lambda sensor. 2 VTi (82 Hp)? 975 kg 2149. When do I have to change the motor oil of my 208? Peugeot 3008 (2010 plate) 1. Changing PEUGEOT 208 Gearbox Oil and Transmission Oil: step-by-step manuals The tutorial you requested is not yet available. 2 VTi (82 Hp)? 5, manual . By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. 6HDi 92 hp Gearbox oil and transmission oil easily at AUTODOC Fast delivery and low prices Discover now for yourself Well the 2008 needed an oil change. While accelerating, change . Peugeot 208 workshop manual covering Lubricants, fluids and tyre pressures. Solution: In some cases, this is down to a lack of oil. 2 PureTech 110 HNP: Transaxle, automatic: 7 L: Lifelong use: Original oil: 208 1. Oil in Peugeot 308, 408 and 3008 powered by EP6 engine must be changed once a year or every 20000 km. Capacity / Capacity with liter filter. We’ve been repairing automatic gearboxes for Peugeot cars for over 30 years. What is the gross weight, 2012 Peugeot 208 I 1. If the level is near the lower mark, you need to top up the oil. installed on the Peugeot 207 facelift, 308, RCZ, Citroen DS3, DS4, DS5. Filling is via breather on top of gearbox. 508 SW 508 PSE. Proceed as follows: 1- Top mount gearbox oil refill plug: Add the exact quantity of gear oil (transmission fluid), as given in your car manual. Service Options Year 1 and Minor Service. Our pictorials also cover the removal of the powertrain from vehicle. CarManualsOnline. We also provide a 12 month or . Piston rings change, valves seals, etc. #2 · Feb 22, 2015. 30 km / 000 months. Engine. Bought all the parts from Euro Car Parts (have a 50% discount at the moment) so saved a fortune on the oil ;-) A gearbox should always be simple to operate when the clutch is fully down. 00 inc. peugeot 208 Available Here. To support the Peugeot 208 drivers in our network we have created a guide which answers all the FAQ’s. You can Drastically reduce the chances of this happening to you by changing the oil more regularly. How many gears, What type is the gearbox, 2012 Peugeot 208 I 1. Peugeot 208 scheduled servicing is required by models still under a manufacturer warranty. What engine oil do I need is one of the most common questions we hear at MicksGarage. Change interval: Oil type: 208 1. New PEUGEOT 208 shows off its youthful side with its distinctive sporty shape Its interior reveals the original PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® 3D. I researched it and used a oil called Gulf Western Syntrans multi functional ATF, which exceeds specs at less than half the price. The official way to check is drain oil via drain plug and refill with 2Ltrs of new oil. The problem is you have to pour the new oil in quite slowly, thankfully the 75w80 "Total8" Oil is quite thin. The wheel alignment is done but that didn't fix it Would it be the steering angle sensor or power steering? Hi, thanks for writing in. We’ve come across many problems that plague automatic Peugeots, including: Peugeot 3008 – Problem with gears not engaging. The prices are based on all quotes sent via autobutler. B. Detailed Peugeot 208 Engine and Associated . 6 liters / 2012 - 2021 MY Gear Oils PSA B71 2330 API GL-4 level gear oils with SAE 75W80 viscosity. List price of Automatic transmission fluid for PEUGEOT 208. Open the door, and look underneath where the side-view mirror would be located if the door was shut. 8,797 Posts. Hydraulic Filter, automatic transmission. 06 - 38 cu. 0-2. Check and top up gearbox oil: . Joined Sep 18, 2012. Common problems with the Peugeot 208. 12 24 36. 508. In a Peugeot 306 GTI-6, 22,000miles. NEW PEUGEOT e-208. 6 HDI engine and EGC box: turbo common fault. Minimum price £ 8,84. 6 HDI. It is fitted in several models including the PEUGEOT 208, PEUGEOT 2008 SUV, PEUGEOT 308, PEUGEOT 3008 SUV and PEUGEOT 5008 SUV and in many engine specifications. Is it an easy job to change the telephone microphone on a 04/10/2019 04/10/2019; GEARBOX new speed sensor fitted, not working ,off side drive 04/10/2019 04/10/2019; I've had to put a full bottle plus of oil in my car today. If you need to top up your oil, remove the oil filler cap. 09G TF60SN Repair manual. My strong recommendation would be to at least half the dealer stated intervals. Changing the oil often is a proven method of avoiding corrosion. Peugeot 3008 (2010 plate) 1. The EAT6 automatic gearbox (Efficient Automatic Transmission 6), state-of-the-art, combines driving pleasure and environmental efficiency. Pièces Techniques for Peugeot 208 T16. If you remove the air box and look straight down there is a black plastic cap, just pull that up and top up through that, you will need a pipe to get fluid down to it probably. 0 Urban 2006, 208 1. 2 PureTech 110 HNP: Transaxle, manual: 1,7-1,8 L: Lifelong use: Original oil: 208 1. Order PEUGEOT 208 I Hatchback (CA_, CC_) 1. This could be caused by many things but one of them is that an oil change is needed. Check your existing engine oil level by pushing the dipstick slowly all the way into its tube, then pulling it out again. 000km+ on the clock. 00 out of 5 Back to Peugeot 208 R2. 2 PureTech 110 HNZ: Transaxle, manual: 1,8 L (service fill), 1,9 L (dry fill) Lifelong use: Original oil peugeot 208 vaihteiston öljynvaihto yms huoltoa, gearbox oil change Moderator. New 308. Driver-side doorpost. Wear of the gear teeth is something that is both inevitable and unavoidable. 81. Rear wheel well. Find all our parts for Peugeot 208 T16 and order them on our official Peugeot Sport online store. Once drained refit plug and fill with 2Ltrs of oil via breather point on top of gearbox. Suitable for transaxles. Drain oil via drain plug on botton of gearbox. Recommended for all makes of vehicle including a 2 years parts and labour warranty. Buy a replacement from our parts list and swap it over. 16 model ranges for Peugeot, Gearbox Oil Change. Your Murano will need 10. VAT. 308 1. When starting from cold, its very hard to select any gear, until the engine warms up. It's wise to change gearbox oil early on this car. Price. Traveller. Once done put the Air Vent Cap back on and reassemblethe battery tray etc. No change, or an open or closed reading would indicate a bad sensor. Pièces Techniques. 0 - 1. Peugeot crankshaft rear seal/rear main oil leak repair can cost between $400-$1200. 6 litre engines built between 2007 and 2015, common symptoms include; anti pollution fault message displayed, overheat warning light on, temperature gauge not working, engine running faults, cutting out at idle speed or misfire faults with stored fault codes for the thermostat control, lambda sensors or camshaft sensor faults. Not done one on the 2008 yet so was a bit nervous. We use the latest processes – and over 30 years of experience – to offer the highest quality gearbox and transmission repair and remanufacturing services. If you try to rush the air coming out of the box causes the oil to blow back so slow and easy does it. 0 HDI 2012, 107 1. Peugeot 408 SW HDI 2011 – Gearbox fault. Lastly, this city car gives you the freedom to choose a petrol, diesel or electric engine. A use and maintenance guide includes all the information you need to: get to know your vehicle better and make the most of all its technical features and upgrades. Includes: Change of oil and oil filter; Top-ups of all fluids* Brake, steering and other safety checks The Novak Guide to the Peugeot BA10/5 Transmission. Back to Peugeot 208 R2. No. ·. peugeot 208 engine oil . : (*) The sealing should be visually checked at each engine oil change interval. Peugeot 208 2012-2019 Bonnet Stay Rod. Here you can find a range of top quality spare parts, such as Gearbox oil for your PEUGEOT 208 I Hatchback CA_, CC_ engine variants Gear oil for PEUGEOT 208 I Hatchback (CA_, CC_) Petrol / 1. uk, and may contain errors or vary. When the gearbox is new it should be empty and need. 3) Total Engine Seizure. Peugeot 208 HDi*50'000km on dashboard Reason why to change transmision fluid is because these gearboxes are very sensitive and faulty. Peugeot Oil Filler Cap. These operate the clutch and select the gear automatically (or can be manually . 2 VTi (82 Hp)? 1527 kg 3366. keep it in the best possible working order by following the maintenance tips to the letter. Fresh oil filter cartridge in its housing. * Using Peugeot Parts ** Using Peugeot Approved parts, that meets our quality standard for your vehicle. 5. Read this manual . The oil filter cartridge housing can be removed with 27mm socket wrench. 2Liters refilling) and found somemetal shavings, not much but noticeable. The semi-automatic in the 2012 5008 is actually a manual gearbox with an automatic shift and clutch actuation, and whilst it is a significant job, with the right advice, technicians should be able to complete the job in four hours. What is the curb weight, 2012 Peugeot 208 I 1. Get a free quote today! TOTAL TRANSMISSION 4X4 (Parts reference : 9730 A7) Constant variation gearbox CVT All countries Special oil (Parts reference : 9735 EF) Piloted manual gearbox DCT All countries Special oil (Parts reference : 9734 S2) Motor (CITROËN C-Zéro / PEUGEOT Ion) All countries Special oil (Parts reference : 9979 A7) HANDBOOK. 108. Peugeot 208 Scheduled Servicing. peugeot 208 gearbox oil change

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